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CThe Journey: Captivity, Wilderness, Promised Land - Where Are You Now? Where Will You Go? (E-Book-PDF Download) by Jason Anderson - Click To Enlarge
The Journey: Captivity, Wilderness, Promised Land - Where Are You Now? Where Will You Go? (E-Book-PDF Download) by Jason Anderson
Jason Anderson - (SKU#: NM49791)

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The Journey:

Captivity, Wilderness, Promised Land
 Where Are You Now? Where Will You Go?

E-Book-PDF Download
by Jason Anderson

God is constantly moving His children along the path to a better and deeper world of wonder and supernatural power and destiny. Are you following His lead?

The Journey is an exciting look at Biblical journeys, and parallels them with your modern-day life. Practical truths revealed throughout the pages dissolve the mediocrity from your life and provide direction to walk a new path—with Him.

You will learn:

  • How to identify where you are.
  • Where your destiny is and how to get there.
  • About life's four possible destinations.
  • How to exercise your creative power.
  • The terms of God's covenant with you.
  • How to defeat your Jericho.
  • That your greatest enemy may be within you.

The Journey is an anointed, insightful, and often humorous revelation of the stages of Christian life. With a refreshing absence of religiosity, author Jason Anderson pinpoints life-changing truths, exposes common misconceptions, releases grace, and debunks the time-tested excuses keeping you from the place of rest in which you were designed to rule and reign.

    Part 1: Leaving Egypt
  1. Grow up or Fall Down
  2. A Magical Land
  3. The Best Is the Rest
  4. Finish Your Lamb, Then You Can Have Dessert
  5. Turning up the Heat
  6. "Are Your Peeps Eagles or Beagles?"
  7. Part 2: The Wilderness

  8. On Time, on Your Dime
  9. I Like to Eat Eat Eat Apples and Ba-Mannas
  10. Are You Distinguished or Extinguished?
  11. Earn More When Paid Less
  12. Forgiving the Unforgivable
  13. Doing the Undoable
  14. Part 3: The Promised Land

  15. Milk It, Honey!
  16. Half of Infinity Is Still Infinity
  17. Hear the Light, See the Night
  18. Sow, Grow, It's How I Roll
  19. Don't Throw Me in the Briar Patch
  20. Using Your Good Ol'-Fashioned Horse Cents
  21. Part 4: The Rest

  22. Holding on to Win With Both Hands
  23. How to Take a Load Off
  24. I Got the Need, the Need for Seed
  25. Fruity of Fruitful?
  26. How to Wait at a Green Light
  27. Just Too Much

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