Recognizing the favor of God sometimes is key to your inheritance. The land you dwell in is not always the place of your favor. When you are in the place of your favor, you can be in your place of inheritance! "The LORD had said to Abram, 'Go from your country, your people and your father's household to the land I will show you'" (Genesis 12:1). The favor of God is key in our lives to advancing and prosperity. The ministry, gifts, and anointing or talents can be recognized as a measure of grace and favor; however, favor is the key to success and fruitfulness. Much activity does not always mean favor. It is possible to have all the gifts and talents and not be in the favor of God.
Writers, you are called to write. You are called to pen the words the Lord gives you. The battle has been over your pen, and the distractions have come in this season of transition, but there is a heralding taking place in the heavenlies – a new season of visitation and encounter. You aren't moving into a season of visitation and encounter that looks like anything you have experienced before. This is a completely new season and the enemy has been fighting hard to keep you from this place, because you are not only going to see Jesus and encounter His heart and the supernatural realm in ways you never have, you are going to experience a whole new level of empowerment of the Spirit of God upon your writing.
This morning I was listening to the song "This is how I fight my battles." I thought about the scripture in Ephesians chapter six concerning the armor of God. The Holy Spirit then showed me how some people are fighting the wrong battles. They are having confrontations with others because they don't know who their enemy is. They are under pressure but they don't recognize that they are retaliating and wrestling in the flesh. The bible tells us that we are not fighting against flesh and blood but against rulers of darkness and spiritual wickedness in high places.
When you and I fully surrender to the power of the prophetic voice and to our own, inner voice of wisdom, all of Heaven and earth move on our behalf to bring into our lives the riches, love, and abundance, we desire. I've been an avid student of the prophetic arts for as long as I can remember, and in my life I've had the honor and privilege to deliver prophetic words to heads of business, heads of state, as well as to countless millions of individuals throughout the world, just like you. 
What is integrity? Integrity is the willingness to get to the bottom of the truth no matter where it leads or what it takes to get them. The pursuit of integrity is about the quest for truth. Or facts. It is only truth that sets one freedom that demonstrates the true presence of the Holy Spirit (2 Cor. 3:17). The question is, do we really want the truth? How far are we willing to go to get to the truth? One thing that should surely bring about acute honesty is the consciousness that we are in God's presence. The appeal to the presence of God is like swearing an oath. If you swear an oath, you had better be sure you have authority to do so. The prophet Samuel invoked the presence of God in the declaration of his integrity.
Most people know the story of Cain and Abel and of that terrible event that caused the very first murder in scripture. A murder took place between brothers born of the same womb because of jealousy, greed and selfish gain. Cain was jealous of Gods favoritism and approval of Abel and Cain tried to change things by eliminating the competition, his brother Abel. But you can also see from this story that Cain's livelihood was farming and when he slew Abel, Abel's blood went into the ground, the ground was Cain's lively hood, it actually caused a curse to be on Cain's farming career and God said that it will no longer produce for you and you will be driven from it.
Tune your hearts to listen to  My voice giving you new directions at the strategic crossroads of life. Stand your ground. Look up and see the rustling of the Mulberry tree leaves as My majestic train of glory passes by. Step into the flow of My Spirit. Reach up and take hold of my train then old on tight for I will cause an acceleration, increase and multiplication that will propel you into a place of glory. The abundance of My rain has softened the soil to prepare a fertile womb to receive My seed. I am creating a peaceful strategy for My people to escape the chaos of Egypt. My presence will remove the spirits of infirmity, poverty and death.
Years ago, my ministry almost destroyed me. I fell in love with it more than with the Lord. Our ministries, if we are not careful, can be our number 1 enemy! It happens so innocently, for we love what God has called us to do. The Lord began to hinder my ministry by closing doors and locking the windows. Invitations ceased, and I found myself alone with my family and God. For about three months, I was shut in with God. I discovered if you slow down and spend time with Him, you won't lose your ministry unless it was yours. If it's God's ministry, it will continue without you.
"While Peter was still thinking about the vision, the Spirit said to him, 'Simon, three men are looking for you. So get up and go downstairs. Do not hesitate to go with them, for I have sent them.'" Acts 10:19-20 Peter had never preached to the Gentiles. In fact, he believed it was against Jewish law to associate with the Gentiles. God needed to change Peter's attitude about this, so God gave Peter a vision that showed him it was permissible to preach to the Gentiles. The Spirit came to Peter and informed him that some men were about to come visit him, and he was to go with them. He went with them, and the Lord did great miracles in the lives of Gentiles through Peter.
It's time to advance forward into your call, gifting, anointing & destiny. God is saying, "No more delay!" We are in a time where God is catapulting people into their callings and destinies. God has amazing good works for you to do. These good works are an integral part of the destiny God has planned for your life. Many of us carry a sense of destiny, that we are called to be doing something more than what we are doing at the present moment. You feel this way because your life has a purpose greater than your present state or condition. There are greater things God has designed for your life. But you may be experiencing frustration because you haven't seen the fullness of God's intent for your life manifested yet. And you are asking the question "how?!" How am I going to get to where God wants me to be?