The other day I saw something from Jeremy Lopez (Jeremy is an awesome and anointed man of God by the way) on his ministry page, Identity Network that prompted me to write this article.  He said, "some people have a very real, continuous fear. "Is this the will of God?" "Is this the will of God or is this my will?" He goes on to say, people are religiously bound up by this.  I can concur with what he is saying and know it all too well.  I have even been there myself.  You want to be in Gods perfect will and plan, you naturally don't want to do anything that goes against that or is out of that.  God also desires us to be obedient and in His perfect plan, but we need to be careful we aren't being too religious and bound up by that.
In John 3:3, Jesus says to Nicodemus, "Most assuredly, I say to you, unless one is born again, he cannot see the kingdom of God" (NKJV).This is an extremely well known verse. It is often quoted to refer to a particular experience. That experience is usually referred to as saying the sinner's prayer.  While the sinner's prayer is important and a great first step in following Christ, this verse has so much more depth. This verse is about a whole new way of life. At the time of our physical birth, we knew nothing about living in the material world. We had to be taught everything. For a while, things even had to be done for us, things such as bathing, dressing, and eating.
Father God is a good father. In fact, He's the best!  Like a good Father, who always has our best interest in mind, He never does anything or allows anything to take place without preparing His children beforehand, by first, giving those with an ear to hear a head's up. Why does He do this? The answer doesn't come down to only one reason. There are many answers, depending on the individual circumstances and timing.  At times, He may give an advanced glimpse because He wants to give us peace of mind that He's already got everything covered.  
I'll never forget where I was sitting in the Orlando airport in Florida several years ago when I heard an unusual announcement on the public-address system. A male voice said: "George Mueller. George Mueller. Please contact a service desk for a message." George Mueller? I suppose there really was a man by that name in the airport at that moment. But I couldn't help but think about the George Mueller of history, a courageous Christian leader from England who died in 1898. I had his biography but hadn't read it in a while.
I kept hearing in the Spirit, "I call forth the law of establishment." It would not leave me but cycled for many minutes. The Spirit of the Lord had me declaring it out in our prayer meeting, and I knew there must be more revelation to come forth. Establish is defined in Webster's as "to set up on a firm or permanent basis." I had just finished prophetically teaching my group that when a revelation comes into your soul and spirit that you need to pray it out but also that you need to pray into it. I was teaching them that often the Lord gives us revelation through declaration.
In my morning prayer time God began to share with me about the strong winds and rain that He was bringing upon the earth in this season.  He said to pay close attention to the elements this season, because it is a sign of what He is doing in the earth realm.  God never falls off of His throne and He is still in control no matter what we see going on all around us.  The Lord is bringing physical strong winds and rain in this season.  Strong winds in the bible are a symbol of the Holy Spirit. 
It's not enough for you to believe powerful things and to think powerful things.  In order for you to begin to fully manifest the abundant life you've been promised, you have to begin to do powerful things. Only moments ago, I released my brand-new book titled I Am a Leader to a worldwide audience.  In many ways, this book was the product of a twenty year journey and in it I share for the very first time the steps and strategies I personally implemented into my life to build Identity Network into the global prophetic resource powerhouse it is today.  I now feel inspired to share this with you because I sense that in this new year you feel the inner drive to finally begin to take your very own life and walk of faith to the next level.  I sense you've been waiting, longing – patiently hoping – for a moment of turnaround for far too long.
There was a period in my life where I spent countless hours in my backyard staring into my fire pit, listening to podcasts, watching videos, reading articles and books, gazing into the vast night sky, lost in existential wonderings. What started as casual inquiry became an internal quest for the following few years. I've told much of the story in previous posts, so I'm not here to rehash all the details. Moreso, I'm thinking these days more about the catalyst. At any given time, most of us would probably say we are aware of our intentions — here's why I did this, here's why that happened. At the time, I think "a passionate pursuit of what's true" would have been my answer.
We are entering into a time when the Lord is going to release deep revelation through dreams and visions. Powerful prophetic words are going to start flowing from Heaven. Let the prophet who has a dream recount the dream, but let the one who has my word speak it faithfully. For what has straw to do with grain?" declares the Lord. "Is not my word like fire," declares the Lord, "and like a hammer that breaks a rock in pieces?" Jeremiah 23:28–29 NIV This prophecy that I am sharing is not just for prophets! The Lord is speaking right now to people everywhere who will simply take time to listen.
Yes, it is just too big for one person to handle the intercession that needs to come forth to accomplish God's purposes in the land. There has to be a coming together in unity with one mind and one purpose to accomplish this fete.  Many have tried to intercede to give birth to the will of God that must come through in their life without success.  There has to be a coming together with all positioned in the right places to accomplish this, both midwives and intercessors. Many years ago I was in the middle of high praise, that is when Holy Spirit totally takes over and a shift begins to happen. Praise just flows out of you like a river!