There is a heavy fog attempting to rest over many forerunners because there is a major increase of wisdom, discernment, divine insight and understanding available to you right now. Push through, you're going higher. There is an incredible increase of the pioneering anointing being released in the body of Christ right now and there are many forerunning what God is going to do and release in the body of Christ in this new era. The Lord showed me that many of these forerunners are carrying significant revelation and wisdom for this new era and what God is going to do, but they have also been battling a fog, a heaviness and almost a disorientation.
I heard the Lord say, "I am decreeing this will be your most productive season, but you must fight against distraction and keep your hands upon my assignment for your life." The Lord has been speaking to me so much about the level of acceleration, momentum, occupying and building that is going to take place in 2020 and beyond. As I sought His heart I heard the Lord speak over the body of Christ "I am decreeing this will be your most productive season but you must fight against distraction." When He spoke those words I had a vision and I saw assignments that the Lord has placed before God's people in 2020 and this new era.
This week I was continually surrounded by the sense of "first fruits" of breakthrough and "signs" of new life, cracks in the wall beginning to appear, the sound of new beginning and the waters parting. I had an encounter with the Lord and I heard the sound of waters that were backed up behind what felt like a "dam wall" and they were roaring as they were growing with pressure. Then the sound of the "dam wall" beginning to crack surrounded me and I saw the trickle of waters beginning to break through.
Focus, focus, focus! You have heard My voice, it's a time of joy. This week I had a dream where I saw the Word of God at a distance before me and I really had to focus hard to see what it said. As I looked closer and focused hard I saw the words "You have heard My voice, it is a time of joy!" and I woke up. As I woke I began to ask the Lord about this dream. Even though this is not an exact verse in Scripture, the Lord used this as a prophetic picture of what many have been walking through.
This week I heard the Lord say "I am breaking the ceilings and releasing a divine sealing!" There are things that have been containing many of God's people for a long time and they continue to come up against this ceiling. It's as if the "ceiling" continues to scream "This far and no further." The Lord showed me that in many different ways right now He is breaking the ceiling. He is going after the very things that are stopping you from growing, that are stopping you from arising, that are stopping you from increasing, that are stopping you from soaring. The Lord is going after the ceilings that are continually battling against your ascending. 
I heard the Lord say, "The enemy has wearied many at every side, attempted to wear them down, but now My strong arm is bringing deliverance and strengthening." The Lord spoke to me this week that the enemy has been coming against many to bring about a weariness and to "wear them down." I heard those words repeating over and over in my spirit "wear them down." It was like a "grinding down," like adding another weight to the load, it was another hit when they are already wounded and it has become harder and harder for many to keep standing.
Over the last few weeks the Lord has been speaking things to me like, "case closed" and about the definitive deliverance of God. I have been hearing Him speak about things the enemy has used against God's people over and over again. The Lord is decreeing, "case closed." I have been hearing Him say, "legal grounds" that the enemy has found in the lives of believers are being dealt with through repentance and healing. There is a definitive deliverance and victory manifesting in the lives of believers right now, as the Lord is moving powerfully. 
There's a battle over the new wineskins, but hold fast, it's about to break. The Lord spoke to me today very clearly that there is a battle taking place over new wineskins right now. The Lord is releasing revelation of the new wineskins in the lives of His people and the new strategies and instructions for this new era, but in the midst of the revealing of these new wineskins and instructions, the enemy has come in raging. The Lord showed me an intense battle taking place over these new wineskins.
I hear the Holy Spirit say, "Get ready to step into courage like never before." There is mighty move of the Spirit of God that is taking place in the body of Christ right now where the Lord is breaking the containment and confinement in the body of Christ and leading His people into greater places of courage. God is breaking the chains, God is breaking the boxes, God is breaking the confinements. This is happening on many levels and in many different ways in the body of Christ right now. It has begun but it is going to majorly increase. The tidal wave of His Spirit and His power is going to come crashing in like we have never seen before and Acts 4:31 and Joshua 1:9 are going to manifest and explode throughout the body of Christ with significant increase. 
Recently I had a powerful encounter with the Lord where I heard His voice thundering over His people, "Make up your mind!" It wasn't an angry "make up your mind," it was a strong decree and invitation to partner with faith and to move away from being double-minded. The Lord showed me that there was an "entry point" for the enemy to come in with his torment, fear and oppression that was in the hearts and minds of God's people and that "entry point" was called "DOUBLE-MINDEDNESS." "When you are half-hearted and wavering it leaves you unstable. Can you really expect to receive anything from the Lord when you're in that condition?" James 1:7-8 (The Passion Translation)